There are two associations affiliated to EFPP in our country: Istanbul Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association and Istanbul Institute of Group Analysis. In addition,there are two separate Psychoanalysis Associations that train psychoanalysts. Due to the absence of an institution for adult psychoanalytical psychotherapy that provides official training with international connection, the IYPPD was founded in order to contribute to the field. The idea of founding Istanbul Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association began with year-long meetings that took place between Tavistock and a group of clinical psychologists and expert psychological counsellors who were united in 2017 by the founding chair of the association,
Ayşe Özalkuş Şahin. In result of the Tavistock institution’s recommendations on certification instead of accredited association work, the meetings took place with the EFPP’s Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy department towards the end of 2019. With the EFPPs declaration that it will accept applications through an association established in the country, the participation process of the necessary founding members began in 2021. These members included those of the former Tavistock formation, as well as psychiatrists, psychological counsellors, and clinical psychologists residing in Istanbul and even in Izmir. After the online meetings that took place once every fifteen days, the society was officially established on November 3 rd , 2021, with eight founding members. Our association applied for an EFPP membership in December 2022 and was accepted with an “assocaite membership ”.

Our founding members are Ayşe Özalkuş Şahin, Elçin Gölbaşı, Öznur Tufan Türközü, Ezgi Soncu Büyükişcan, Evindar Karabulut, Revan Çamlıbel, Bilge Togay, and Bilge Ekizoğlu Tunçelli.

As of February 2022, our association began training with national and international psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists. When at least four society members have completed the EFPP criteria, as indicated in the charter, trainings will continue with adult psychoanalytical psychotherapy trainers with an acceptance from within the association, in addition to those provided by professionals outside the association.