Tevfika İkiz // Psychoanalytic Theories and Clinical Implications


The event took place on March 19, 2023…

.: Tevfika İkiz :.

Tevfika İkiz is a faculty member at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Literature, Istanbul University, a training psychoanalyst at the Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association and a training psychosomaticien at the International Pierre Marty Psychosomatic Association.

After graduating from English High School, she received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Istanbul University, her master’s degree from Paris 7 University and her doctorate from Paris 13 University with her doctoral thesis titled “Humor and the Birth of Psychoanalysis in Turkey”.

Tevfika İkiz, who is a founding member of the Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association and the Istanbul Psychosomatic Association, continues her research at the university with projective tests based on the psychoanalytic psychopathology theory.

Her books “Rorschach Test, Psychoanalytic Interpretation, Coding and Applications”, “Thematic Perception Test, Psychoanalytically Oriented Handbook”, “Psychoanalytical Converstions” published by Bağlam Publications; “Psychoanalytically Oriented Clinical Interviews”, “The Pains of the Body and Family”, “The Narcissism of Small Differences”, “On the trace of Literature-New A/New: Rewriting the 19th Century”, “Love Letters”, “Psychoanalytic Psychopathology and Projective Tests in the Light of Clinical Research”; “War and Psychology” by Hiperlink Publications, “Psychoanalytic Approach to Family, Group and Clinical Problems” by Istanbul University Publications. Tevfika İkiz, who is also the editor of “Projection: Journal of Psychopathology and Projective Tests”, has been managing the portal Sanat Kritik, which combines Psychoanalysis and Literature, together with Seval Şahin for 2,5 years.