To raise EFPP (European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy) certified Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists in the field of adult mental health.

To organise national and International theoretical training, clinical seminars, supervisions, and research in the field of adult psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

To increase the number of adult psychotherapists who practice in accordance with EFPP criteria;to define the ethical rules, training policies, training  and supervision conditions in the field, and to ensure that they are abided by.

To organise national and international symposiums, seminars, congresses and various trainings in adult psychoanalytical psychotherapy for Psychology and

Psychological Counselling and Guidance undergraduates, Clinical Psychology or Psychological Counselling and Guidance postgraduates, and Medical Faculty Psychiatry interns and residents.

To carry out evaluation processes through private interviews with the training committee, for individuals with an undergraduate degree in other fields, who have gained working experience in this field through various trainings over the years, have been or are in the process of going through personal psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

To work towards spreading, directing, setting standards for and monitoring work focusing on preservation, treatment designed for adult psychoanalytical psychotherapists, that aim to protect, heal and maintain adult mental health across the nation, and primarily in Istanbul.

To encourage scientific research, give financial support, and to help publish and spread research in the field of adult psychoanalytic psychotherapy.